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Diabetes Secure specializes in unique and innovative solutions for persons with diabetes and/or weight problems! 


  • INSULWEAR: Unique clothing/ underwear with special pockets/openings for insulin pumps & insulin transportation.
  • POCKETBRA: A stylish bra with pockets for insulin pump and valuables.
  • INSULIN PUMP CARRYING BELT: To carry your Insulin Pump in a belt around your waist.


  • DIASECURE (Featured in the 2018 Consumer Guide of Diabetes Forecast Magazine (by ADA): Our unique product DiaSecure® makes life easier and more secure for insulin treated persons with diabetes using insulin pens. 
  • INSULCHECK: InsulCheck helps you to be secure when it comes to knowing when you last injected your insulin. • See some InsulCheck videos here.
  • FRIO & POUCHO: provides a highly effective, yet low-cost solution to the problem of keeping insulin at a safe temperature without the need for ice packs or refrigeration.


  • MEAL MEASURE: Meal Measure is a very effective product that helps you to eat right and thereby assists in your efforts to achieve your target weight!
  • MEALSIZER: Healthy eating made easy: With The Mealsizer® you gain portion control – a well-balanced diet with just the right amount of food.

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